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The art district in downtown Los Angeles has become a magnet for the arts and all kinds of creative people. Because of the district's popularity in the art world, art galleries sprang up all around it. District Gallery celebrates the creative culture in the community and we want to preserve what remains of the arts district for the downtown Los Angeles Artists.

At the District Gallery, there are numerous shows to promote local artists like Alex Schaefer, Iva Hladis, and Jose DeJuan. The current show on display is "Witness Los Angeles" by Will Acedo. His creative prints are created out of woodblocks with a linoleum cut. The prints depict the 1st Street Bridge in Los Angeles.

The District Gallery primarily features urban Los Angeles artists such as Matt Aston and Richard Kessler. To be featured in our gallery, artists send us their work and the board of directors reviews the submissions for possible display.

By alternating between design-specific and print work, we offer a variety of art and occupy the entire space of our art gallery. Any of the work showcased by our talented artists is available for purchase. We have art for rent as well as art for sale.

One of the past shows featured "Wounded Beast" by David Hollen. This amazing and intricate sculpture was a 14-foot-long creature made from rebar-steel and nylon rope, with crystal bubbles added to create a beautiful glittering effect.

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